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2022-2023 Studio Calendar

Sept. 12Mon.Fall classes begin
Oct. 24-28Mon.-Fri.Dress Up Days (no scary costumes)
Nov. 11Fri.Closed for Veteran’s Day
Nov. 21-25Mon.-Fri.Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday
Dec. 19-Jan 3Mon.-Tues.Closed for Winter Vacation
Jan. 2-6Mon.-Fri.Costume deposit due
Jan. 16Mon.Closed for MLK Birthday
Feb. 20Mon.Closed for President's Day
Mar. 27-31Mon.-Fri.Closed for Spring Break
Apr. 10-14Mon.-Fri.Costume balance due
May 13Sat.Pictures (individual and class)
May 29Mon.Closed for Memorial Day
June 3Sat.Dress Rehearsal
June 10-11Sat. 5:00 & Sun. 2:00Performances
June 12-15Mon. - Thurs.Last week of classes (June tuition is 1/2 of your normal amount)


The studio will be open on all early release days, parent-teacher conference days and any holidays not listed above. Remember, tuition for all months, with the exception of June, will remain the same regardless of holidays, classes missed due to illness and/or months with more than 4 weeks. You are encouraged to come to an appropriate make-up or substitute class when an absence occurs for any reason, or log on to the band page to follow along with your class livestream for the month.


… time went on, I noticed that you cared more for your dancers than most studio owners. I could see that you wanted the best training that they could have, but more than that, you wanted their souls to dance and become free.

- Michele Holland

2022-2023 Make Up Class List


The list on the left is your dancer’s regular class day and time. If for any reason your child should miss his/her regular class then simply look to the column on the right to find an appropriate substitute class. If the above options do not work for you or if your child would like to try a different style as a make-up class please contact us at 503-873-7942 or ask for more options at the front desk.

Monday ClassesMake-Up Class Day & Time
10:00 Paula             Creative BalletMon 4:45 or Thurs 4:30 Creative Ballet
3:30 Paula               Ballet/Tap K-1Thurs 5:15 Ballet Tap K-1
3:45 Alex                 HipHop 5-6Wed 6:00 HipHop 7-8
4:30 Paula               Jazz 2Tues 3:30 Ballet/Jazz 1
4:45 Alex                 Creative BalletMon 10:00 or Thurs 4:30 Creative Ballet
5:30 Alex                 Jazz 3-4Wed 3:45 Jazz 5-6, Mon 4:30 Jazz 2
5:30 Paula               Ballet 2Tues 3:30 Ballet/Jazz 1
6:30 Alex                 Adv Jazz level 2Wed 5:45 Adv Jazz level 1
6:30 Paula               Ballet 3-4Wed 4:45 Ballet 5-6
7:30 Michele            Funk TapConsult instructor
Tuesday ClassesMake-Up Class Day & Time
3:30 Emily                Ballet/Jazz 1Mon 4:30 Jazz 2
3:45 Michele            Adv Ballet level 1Thurs 3:45 Ballet pre-adv
4:30 Emily                HipHop K-1Thurs 3:30 HipHop K-1
5:15 Michele            Pointe level 2Thurs 5:15 Pointe level 1
5:30 Emily                Modern level 1Wed 7:00 Modern level 2
6:15 Michele            Adv Ballet level 2Thurs 3:45 Ballet pre-adv
6:30 Emily                Adult HipHopConsult instructor
7:30 Emily                Ballet/Jazz older beginnerWed 3:45 Jazz 5-6 or Wed 4:45 Ballet 5-6
Wednesday ClassesMake-Up Class Day & Time
2:45 Emily                HipHop 2Mon 4:30 Jazz 2, Tues 4:30 HipHop K-1 or Thurs 3:30 HipHop K-1
3:30 Alex                  Jazz pre-advMon 6:30 Adv Jazz level 2 (this will be a jump)
3:45 Emily                Jazz 5-6Mon 5:30 Jazz 3-4
4:45 Emily                Ballet 5-6Mon 6:30 Ballet 3-4
4:45 Alex                  HipHop 3-4Mon 3:45 HipHop 5-6
5:45 Alex                  Adv Jazz level 1Mon 6:30 Adv Jazz level 2
6:00 Emily                HipHop 7-8Mon 3:45 HipHop 5-6
7:00 Emily                Modern level 2Tues 5:30 Modern level 1
Thursday ClassesMake-Up Class Day & Time
3:30 Emily                HipHop K-1Tues 4:30 HipHop K-1
3:45 Michele            Ballet pre-advTues 3:45 Adv Ballet level 1
4:30 Emily                Creative BalletMon 10:00 or Mon 4:45 Creative Ballet
5:15 Emily                Ballet/Tap K-1Mon 3:30 Ballet/Tap K-1
5:15 Michele            Pointe level 1Tues 5:15 Pointe level 2
6:15 Michele            Adult BalletConsult instructor
6:15 Emily                Adv HipHopWed 6:00 HipHop 7-8
7:15 Emily                Modern level 3Wed 7:00 Modern level 2

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