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Summer Programs


Summer at Silverton Ballet

Whether you are looking to try something new or to take your technique to the next level, summer dance at Silverton Ballet has tons of options and exciting opportunities!


Dance Camps

Our camps have become summer favorites, with their high energy and fun themes that will keep your dancer engaged! All presented in an age appropriate environment filled with dance, fun, creativity, crafts, music and so much more! (Camp fees include all materials)


Summer dance programs at Silverton BalletDANCE DEBUT CAMP

June 27-30  (Mon-Thurs)   10:00-12:00   $95.00 (all materials included)   (3-4 years)


This super fun 4 day camp is the perfect introduction to dance for your little one! Each day will be filled with a dance class, music, crafts, creative movement, and so much more. Watch your child’s confidence soar as they discover their love of dance!



Fancy Mouse Dance it up house

June 27-30 (Mon-Thurs)   1:00-3:30   $105.00 (all materials included)   (5-7 years)


If you love fun and fancy galore, then grab your favorite mouse ears and join us at the Fancy Mouse Dance It Up House (otherwise known as Silverton Ballet). This camp is the fanciest, dancing-est dance party ever, filled with fun and marvelous mouse-tastic crafts and activities.  Dancers will explore different dance styles, crafts, music, creative movement and much more. This dance party
is perfect for all kids who love Minnie, Mickey, Daisy and friends!



sbpac DANCE CAMP crew

July 11-14 (Mon-Thurs)   10:00-12:30   $105.00 (all materials included)   (8-11 years)


Grab your BFFs, and get ready to mix up your summer with our #SBPACdancecampcrew! You will learn the coolest moves and grooves in this super fun Camp! As a part of SBPAC Dance Camp Crew, young dancers will flex their creative muscles as they experience many dance styles. In addition to tons of dance moves, dancers will participate in fun activities related to style, props, music, choreography and, of course, performance! Our dance video stars should come ready to learn the coolest, fresh and fun dances of the summer!


6 Week Summer Workshop July 11-August 18

Take As Many Or As Few Weeks As You Want!


View our current class schedule here!

Make sure that it says "Summer 2022" in the top left of the class list page. If it says"2021-2022" go to the top right side where it says MORE OPTIONS, click on the v for the drop down menu to access the correct class list.


Need help finding just the right class? Contact us or take a look below.

Do you have a 3-4 year old that loves to dance? This is the class for you!

  • Tuesday 5:30-6:15 Creative Dance
  • Wednesday 5:15-6:00 Creative Dance

Does your 5-8 year old need to burn some energy? Try this.

  • Wednesday  6:00-7:00 Ballet/Jazz Combo


Have a 9-11 year old who wants to keep dancing this summer? This is perfect!

  • Tuesday 5:30-7:00 Ballet/Jazz Combo

These classes work great as a series for the serious Intermediate dancer age 11-13:

  •  Monday 5:00-6:30 Inter Modern/HipHop Combo
  • Tuesday 4:00-5:30 Inter Ballet/Jazz Combo
  • You could also add Tuesday 7:00-8:00 Future Foxes Dance Team & Pom

Something fun for the 11-13-year old dancer of any level:

  • Tuesday 7:00-8:00 Future Foxes Dance Team & Pom
Dreaming of being on the dance team in high school? Here’s a fun class where you’ll experience precision dance, pom, kick line, drill down, and everything that makes being on the dance team a blast!

Here’s a great set of classes for you advanced dancers to stay strong and take it to the next level:

  • Monday 6:30-8:00 Jazz Advanced Tricks, Turns & Technique
  • Tuesday 6:15-7:45 Advanced HipHop & Modern Combo (classes will alternate weekly)
  • Thursday 4:30-6:00 Advanced & Upper Intermediate Ballet
  • Thursday 6:00-7:00 Pointe (with instructor approval, must be enrolled in a ballet class)

Don’t worry adults, we haven’t forgotten about you!

  • Thursday 7:00-8:30 Adult Ballet


Something new for ages 11-99

  • Monday 7:00-8:00 Funk Tap

A fun street beat tap that is a combination of hiphop and tap. Don't have tap shoes?!? No problem, try in in your athletic shoes first!



Didn’t see what you want? Let us know and we’ll help find a class that’s a perfect fit, or add a class if needed!