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This is the time of year when we begin preparations for our yearly June performance. This year we will be presenting “Hansel and Gretel”. Show participation is never mandatory, but I can tell you from years of experience, that your dancer will gain so much by performing on stage! If you decide NOT to do the recital we will need to know by January 7, as costume orders begin in January. I know this can be a bit overwhelming, especially for first time parents, so if you have any additional questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Important show related dates (SEE INFO REGARDING THESE DATES BELOW)

  • Jan 8-11 Costume deposits due ($30.00 per class)
  • April 1-5 Costume balances due
  • May 11 Picture day at the studio
  • June 1 Dress rehearsal at SHS Pine street campus theater
  • June 8 @ 5:00, June 9 @ 2:00 performances


Due to time constraints the studio will be divided into 2 separate casts (cast lists will be determined by the beginning of March). One cast will perform Saturday June 8 at 5:00 and the other Sunday June 9 at 2:00. As a general rule 4th grade and above will be in both casts while 3rd grade and below will be in 1 cast only. All of the performances will be in the Silverton High School theater at the Pine Street campus. Performance length is about 1-3/4 hours.  If your dancer takes more than 1 class or if you have multiple students, every effort will be made to have them all in the same cast. Unfortunately, due to the many variables, that isn’t always possible. Decisions are made based on trying to accommodate the largest number of students in each class.


This is the first time we will perform on the stage so it is very important that all dancers be there!
Saturday June 1 @ 8:00am (Saturday cast) and 10:30am (Sunday cast).


Pictures will be May TBA, 2024 at the studio. Our photographer (Annie Smith) will take a group and an individual picture. You are under no obligation to have pictures taken, although they are a great keepsake at a reasonable price. Please try to have your dancer there for the group picture even if you are not purchasing pictures.


A costume is ordered for each dancer after a 30.00 per class deposit has been paid (due the week of Jan 8-11). Many hours are spent choosing something that is reusable, age appropriate and cost effective for each class. The average cost is $35.00-$60.00. The balance is due the week of April 1-5.


Seating will be reserved, if available tickets will still be sold at the door. Admission is $15.00. The ticket price is to cover the cost of the show and to support Silverton Ballet and PAC’s reduced tuition program for any family paying for 2 classes, and an even greater discount for families taking more than 2 classes, as well as our many scholarship opportunities. Tickets will be sold online through Dance Recital Ticketing. More information will be coming soon.


We will be asking for parents to be back stage with the dancers during the performance. While your dancer performs there will be a designated area for you to stand and watch him/her dance. 


June tuition is half of your normal monthly amount. All outstanding balances must be paid by June 1 in order for your child to perform. The last week of classes will be June 10-13.

More details to follow in your Performance Packet, available in April!




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- Vicki Baum