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Does the studio do a Holiday Performance?!?

Each year I am asked if we do any kind of a Holiday performance. And then, I am thanked when I answer "no". Everyone is so busy at this time of year, and money is in such short supply. It doesn't make sense to add stress to both your schedule and pocketbook.


Observation Days

The first lesson of every month beginning in November is "Observation Day" for K and up. Our Creative ballet for 3s&4s have observation days every other month as these days can be a bit stressful for some little ones. Often there are parents that opt not to attend as their dancer will only sit on a parent's lap rather than participate. Don't be surprised if this is your child:) 


Remember this is not a recital, please do not invite extended family. The studios are not big enough to accommodate more than 1-2 people per dancer. You may feel free to video and take pictures to share with friends and family. 


The Truly Well Rounded Dancer

Training and exposure in a variety of dance styles is important for creating versatile dancers, and is a necessity for aspiring professionals. While "combo" classes are a great way for the young dancer to experience more than one dance style before deciding where to focus their efforts later, the older more serious dancer would find his/her training shortchanged if that path were to continue. Today's colleges and choreographers are expecting their dancers to be well trained in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Modern and Tap. The recreational dancer can definitely take one class a week in their favorite style, but the dancer heading for a career must have a balanced education. Silverton Ballet is proud to offer just that to all of our students!!



Important Studio Dates

12            Monday                  Closed for Veteran's Day
19-23       Monday-Friday      Closed for Thanksgiving
24-Jan 4   Monday-Monday   Closed for Winter Vacation
14-18       Monday-Friday      Costume deposits due ($25.00 per class)


Make Up Classes

Don't forget to utilize make-up classes.




"There are short-cuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them."
- Vicki Baum